Shandong Huapeng 2014 Chinese New Year cultural performance is wonderful

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In the afternoon of January 21, the company's 2014 Spring Festival Cultural Performance was staged, and the company's chairman, Mr. Zhang Huahua, together with members of the leadership team and all employees watched the beautiful and wonderful audiovisual feast.

The cultural performance started with a warm and festive large song and dance "Auspicious New Year Opening the Door". The energetic dancers' passionate bravado brought out a festive and joyful atmosphere, the rousing song sang out the brilliant achievements of the company in the past year, and the passionate dance showed the good momentum of the company's flourishing development. The classical opera "Huangmei opera", which was broadcasted on demand by Anqing Company, had a distinctive character, which made the audiences reminisce; the contemporary dance "Jazz Wind" and the dynamic song and dance "Hot Woman" were dynamic and showed the youthful vigor and passion of young people; the saxophone performance "Passionate Flying" formed a warm interaction with the audience, which pushed the atmosphere to the climax. The comedy skit "New Year" and the situational song and dance "I hope you will come home for New Year" were humorous and entertaining, expressing the true meaning of children's "come home often". The song "Five Star Red Flag" by Wang Wei, an employee of the company, was sung with great passion; Yao Aiju, an employee of the company, who has performed on behalf of the company for many times, sang "I Love You China" loud and clear and won the warm applause of everyone with her excellent singing skills. Special guest Li Xiaoye, a national second-class singer, sang "Hometown is Beijing" in the form of a Peking song, which won the applause of the audience with its Peking rhythm and smooth luck. There were also elegant national dance "Red Lantern", cheerful popular song "Sing All the Way" and large song and dance "On the Road to Sunshine", which enchanted the audience and added a festive, joyful and peaceful atmosphere to the scene.

The colorful and dazzling stage, beautiful and moving dance, proud and joyful singing and enthusiastic audience turned Huapeng Auditorium into a sea of joy.


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