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Academic qualifications



General Worker



Negotiable in person

Job duties:
1. Responsible for completing the loading and unloading of goods within the specified time.
2. Responsible for repairing damaged goods in the cargo area and reducing the rate of cargo breakage.
3. Organize work apparatus to ensure that the image of the cargo area is standardized.
Job qualifications:
1. junior high school education or above, hardworking and hardy, with relevant physical labour experience is preferred;
2. Working hours: night shift, 11-12 hours.

Sales Manager / Supervisor



Negotiable in person

Job duties:
1、Responsible for market research and demand analysis;
3、Responsible for leading department personnel to complete sales tasks;
5、Responsible for the management of sales channels and customers;
6、To set up sales teams and train sales staff;
Job qualifications:
1、At least 2 years working experience in sales industry, with sales management experience is preferred;
2, with rich customer resources and customer relations, excellent performance;
3, with strong market analysis, marketing, promotion skills and good interpersonal communication, coordination skills, analysis and problem-solving skills;
4、Have a strong sense of enterprise, with certain leadership ability.

Sales Representatives



Negotiable in person

Job duties:
1、Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;
2、According to the marketing plan, the completion of departmental sales targets;
3、Explore new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales;
4、Responsible for the collection of market information and analysis of competitors in the area;
5、Responsible for the planning and implementation of sales activities in the sales area, to complete sales tasks;
6、Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers.
Job qualifications:
1、College degree or above, marketing and other related majors;
2、1-2 years working experience in sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred;
3, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, with affinity;
4, with a certain degree of market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;
5, responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure;
6、With teamwork spirit, good at challenges.
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