"Stone Island" brand was awarded the first mainstream consumer brand in Shandong - the most popular brand of glass products

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Ltd. was officially awarded the first mainstream consumer brand in Shandong - my favorite brand of glass products.

The "2013 Shandong First Mainstream Consumer Brands" campaign initiated by the Public Daily has received wide attention from all walks of life since its official launch on November 5, 2013. 2013 Shandong First Mainstream Consumer Brands is a professional, objective and fair survey. The selection activities focus on product performance, after-sales service, integrity reputation, brand strength and other perspectives to more comprehensively consider the comprehensive strength of the brand. Through a series of specific and informative work such as expert evaluation and market research, the authority and credibility of the selection results are guaranteed.

Consumption is the driving force of the sustainable development of the national economy, and the healthy growth of consumption is the guarantee of the healthy growth of the national economy. The brand is the foundation of the enterprise, the soul of development, the way to win, is the main direction of market consumption.




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