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Anqing Huapeng Changjiang Glass Co.



Company Basic Information

Full name: Anqing Huapeng Changjiang Glass Co.

English full name: Anqing Huapeng Changjiang Glass Co.

Legal Representative: Zhu Jinwei

Registered Address: Anqing City, Anhui Province, the circular economy industrial park

Scope of business: Production and sales of glass products such as glass bottles and glass cups.

Office Address: Anqing Circular Economy Industrial Park, Anqing City, Anhui Province

Company Management Information

Company structure (with 12 departments): bottle making workshop, production department, quality supervision department, packaging workshop, material department, quality and technology department, finance department, supply department, sales department, equipment and technology improvement department, comprehensive office, enterprise management department.

Key Work in 2021

In 2021, Anqing Company pays close attention to management, first of all, it strengthens the pre-production planning, does the pre-production preparation work meticulously and fully, analyzes according to the product characteristics combined with the past production data, and formulates targeted measures for the factors affecting the finished product rate. We insist on organizing daily pre-shift meetings, scheduling production work and correcting process defects in time. At the same time, we actively promote the standardized transfer work, which effectively improves the transfer efficiency. Secondly, in accordance with the requirements of the head office, we strictly control the amount of material discharged, maintain the stability of the material discharged to improve the melting effect and provide good quality of material liquid for the molding process. In terms of training, we strengthened the training of personnel's operation skills and the study of quality management system documents to ensure that the key processes were carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, which strongly guaranteed the product quality and output.

On the basis of profound analysis of the annual target tasks, all employees of the company strengthened communication with the sales department, effectively organized production coordination, reasonably arranged production plans to ensure maximum production efficiency without affecting sales, and focused on new product development and product scheduling. Strictly according to the standardization of the transfer of production to meet the standard rate of assessment, the transfer of production does not meet the standard of the product and the production of difficult products, the departments work closely with the production, process, equipment and other departments to jointly analyze and summarize, and jointly study and solve the relevant process problems. The key points in the production process are strictly controlled and constantly summarized and analyzed. In the process of grasping the key points, the whole staff participate in point inspection, the production of abnormal points in a timely manner, and summary analysis to develop effective preventive, treatment measures to ensure normal production operation. To strengthen management and inspection work for each production line team, stabilize process parameters, unify operation standards, and continuously improve execution and strengthen team quality awareness.

In November, we adjusted the temperature of each production line and corrected the unreasonable and unsuitable temperature parameters, through which the energy consumption of the production dropped significantly and the speed and output of the products increased.


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Headquarter address: no. 468, longyun road, shidao, rongcheng city, shandong province

Administrative office Tel:0086-631-7381873 Fax:0086-631-7382522

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