Jiangsu Shidao Glass Co., Ltd. 2021 annual information disclosure

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Jiangsu Shidao Glass Co., Ltd. 2021 annual information disclosure


  • Company Basic Information

    Full name in Chinese: Jiangsu Shidao Glass Co.

    Legal Representative: Tang Xu

    Address: Group 27-28, Peide Village, Zhang Zhishan Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City

    Business Scope: Manufacture and sales of daily-use glass products (projects subject to approval by the relevant authorities before commencing business activities)

    Office address: Zhang Zhishan Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Peide Village, 27-28 groups

    Company management information

    Company structure (with 11 departments): bottle-making workshop, kiln batching workshop, quality inspection department, packaging workshop, warehouse department, production equipment department, finance department, purchasing department, sales department, general office, enterprise management department.

    Key work in 2021

    In 2021, influenced by the epidemic and the national energy consumption double control policy, the prices of various materials have been soaring, and the resources of fuel, soda ash and minerals have exceeded the highest price in history. In the face of these unfavorable factors, the company held weekly special meetings on sales, production and safety to discuss and study the implementation of targeted measures item by item. We actively maintain the market and steadily promote the light weight of products. Reasonably arrange the production plan, carefully organize the conversion planning, and stabilize the process management. Strengthen procurement cost control and continuously improve the assessment index. Pay close attention to product quality management and strictly control product quality. Actively improve the safety management system and regulate the safety production management according to the law.

    Since mid-September, Jiangsu Company has been required by government departments to reduce the electricity load to 30% of the kiln insulation shutdown state, which brings great pressure and difficulties to production and operation and cost control. Under the precise deployment of the head office leadership and the joint efforts of all staff, we strive to overcome various difficulties and actively carry out various energy-saving work. Facing the influence of multiple factors such as the strict policy of limiting electricity and production and the rapid increase in the price of raw materials and materials, the company carried out comprehensive saving and tapping work, vigorously compressing the energy consumption load of production affiliated workshops and logistics departments, eliminating the phenomenon of running and dripping, and making every effort to protect the energy consumption of main production workshops. We pay close attention to production management, prepare to resume production at any time according to policy changes, and do our best to improve production efficiency. The company carries out detailed management from within, strengthens responsibility implementation, taps potential and increases efficiency, analyzes energy consumption data every day, takes targeted research measures to implement item by item, and makes use of limited electricity consumption indexes to maximize economic benefits. Daily electricity consumption dropped by 40% compared to the same period, and significant results were achieved in natural gas energy saving.

    In 2022, in order to meet the requirements of "double control of energy consumption" in Jiangsu Province's Nantong Su Xitong Park, Jiangsu Shidao shut down production.



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