Gansu Shidao Glass Co., Ltd. 2021 annual information disclosure

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Gansu Shidao Glass Co., Ltd. 2021 annual information disclosure



Company Basic Information

Full name in Chinese: Gansu Shidao Glass Co.

English full name: GANSU SHIDAO GLASS CO.

Legal Representative: Xu Fengqing

Registered Address: Gulang Industrial Park, Gulang Industrial Zone, Gulang County

Scope of business: Production and sales of daily-use glass products

Office Address: Weixi Road, Shuangta Industrial Park, Gulang County, Wuwei City, Gansu Province

Company management information

Company structure (with 12 departments): Office, Finance Department, Sales Department, Safety Technology and Environmental Protection Department, Warehouse Department, Production Department, Equipment Security Department, Bottle Making Workshop, Finished Product Workshop, Melting Workshop, Batching Workshop, Mold Maintenance Workshop.

Key work in 2021

In 2021, Gansu Shidao Company will strictly follow the strategic deployment of the headquarters, overcome difficulties and carry out all the work seriously and solidly. Pay close attention to production management, and strive to increase revenue and cut costs. Increase sales efforts and adjust product structure. Strengthen quality management and enhance customer satisfaction. Manage the stable and healthy development of safety and environmental protection. Due to the influence of national electricity and production restrictions and the significant increase of raw materials and fuel, the production cost of glass bottles has increased significantly. The company adjusted the prices of newly produced products accordingly according to the actual situation, and the product prices were uniformly increased by 10%.

The company made full use of the favorable conditions of less conversion and strictly controlled the management of production process. By strictly controlling the quality of broken glass, equipment operation and electrical maintenance, we strongly ensured the stability of raw materials and equipment. In terms of production process management, we enhance the responsibility and enthusiasm of employees in each position by studying the requirements of quality system documents, strengthen the process discipline, keep the temperature of the supply channel stable, strengthen the heat inspection, track the process defects, find and make adjustments in time. Improve the quality of mold maintenance and stop the finished product rate from being affected by the mold's own maintenance problems. Improve the information communication mechanism between the hot and cold ends, and the quality inspectors will find them in time, give feedback as early as possible, and follow up on time, so as to improve the finished product rate and keep the quality at the same time. Through the unity and unremitting efforts of the company's staff, we finally got rid of the problem of beer bottles breaking in large areas in the impact resistance pressure test.

In June this year, the installation of exhaust gas online monitoring equipment was put into use, and the third-party operation and maintenance was entrusted to regularly maintain the equipment. Vigorously strengthen the operation management and adjustment of pollutant treatment facilities, enhance equipment management and personnel training to ensure the effectiveness of flue gas and sewage treatment. Manage general solid waste and hazardous waste in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and strictly manage the environment at production work sites to ensure that each pollutant is discharged in accordance with the standards. In the routine environmental testing, all environmental indicators meet the standard requirements.



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