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Shidao in Weihai, Shandong Province, located on the shore of the Yellow Sea, was a fishing island in its early years, and local fishermen have been making a living by fishing for generations, while in the past thirty years, a formerly ocean-based area has undergone great changes. As the early winter of 2014 was approaching, I came to Shidao with my colleagues from the China Daily Glass Association.

We came to participate in the "Daily Glass Industry Development Forum and Symposium for the Second Generation of Creators and Young Entrepreneurs" held at Shandong Huapeng Glass Co.

Explore the truth, clarify the facts, diligent thinking is a journalist necessary professional qualities and work skills, approaching a company and into a company are two very different concepts. In a few days, I approached Huapeng again and again, but also tried to enter it again and again, hoping that through my observations, to discover the story behind it, to discover the value carried by these stories, and then understand the people who create these stories.

First, focus on details to achieve business

In Baidu, I looked up the explanation of the word "focus": focus is concentration, full attention, concentration. A focused person, often able to put their time, energy and wisdom cohesion to the things to do, so as to maximize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and strive to achieve their goals.

When I first met Huapeng, I saw the deep understanding and practice of mindfulness. When interviewing and observing a company, one is to look at the people, not only the head of the company, but also the people around the entrepreneur, and all the people around them, to see their autonomous and subconscious behaviors. Secondly, we look at the details, and thirdly, we look at the environment. All this reflects the management level of a company, especially in a fully competitive industry, where the ability to grasp details in management directly affects the position of the product in the market.

For a few days, I observed everything around me with a critical eye and mind. Glass products are fragile products, in the workshop, I carefully check the ground I passed, in the "tour channel" on both sides, indeed very clean, no production plant often have garbage and debris and broken glass. I went to the side of the workshop, in the corner of the workshop to continue to look for garbage, my "plot" did not succeed, where my eyes reach, are clean. Undeterred, I continued my search, but found nothing new.

I stood by the assembly line and looked directly at an inspector who was checking the quality of the goblets in an attempt to distract her. But I don't know if the inspector is used to visitors or for other reasons, the inspector did not react to my "unkind" deliberate gaze.

At 4:00 p.m., the end of the morning shift, I stood next to a guard at the entrance to the plant, trying to find something to break. One by one, the workers were passing through the gate and swiping their cards. The guard was watching everyone's movements with his eyes, and suddenly he looked up and pointed to a female worker who was leaving the gate from the other side and greeted her to come back and swipe her card.

I was also impressed by the always smiling young waitress at the Huapeng Staff Activity Center. We were in Huapeng for a few days, all meals, she was serving. It felt like she was working in an unrelenting state, always watching over each of us, the first time to reach you to serve you, not the second. Several times I picked up a glass, whether it was a wine glass or a tea cup, and she was always the first to come quickly, knowing what each of the dozen of us needed at the time.

If I complimented her the first time in front of the company's leaders, simply to thank her for her warm service and responsible heart, then my third compliment had my purpose, to see what her reaction was in the face of my repeated compliments? Would her mind be in turmoil? What was her true nature like? But the response I got was the same as the first time I complimented her - not condescending, just a "thank you". Is this the result of rigorous professional training? I don't know.

During the symposium held in Huapeng, whether it is the preparation before the meeting, the implementation of various procedures during the meeting, or the organization of post-meeting activities, Huapeng's Song Guoming, deputy secretary with a few staff members have been on the scene, fully cooperate, at any time to help you solve the arrangements for implementation, you will never be anxious because you can not find someone on the scene.

The strong attention to detail of the work is the first impression Huapeng left on me.

A few days, I did not find the "fake" traces, but I still have doubts, a management details do a good job of the company, what is the spiritual power behind it?

Huapeng company chairman named Edward Zhang, the company's head to my first impression is calm, seemingly unmoving, but in fact everything is under control. Meng, chairman of the Daily Glass Association, Zhang Dong profile of five points, one is rigorous and pragmatic, jokes, usually smile less; second, there is love, coarse in fine, this is good; third, the pursuit of the best and better, did not find; fourth, did not go to college, there is wisdom, can strategize, Qiao Qiao Qiao; five is a lifetime of good glass, not to be missed.

At the door of Edward Zhang's office, I met Zhang's secretary - a young man. I had a question, how come a female secretary was not used. At this point, I know I am the usual thinking, but I still threw my doubts to Edward Zhang.

Edward Zhang laughed, and it seemed that it was not the first person to ask about a female secretary. He said it was easier to use a male secretary and no one would say anything. I pressed: It's that simple. He replied, yes. Later I found this male secretary attentive, when you need him, he will definitely appear, and it seems that he is not always by your side.

In casual conversation, Mr. Zhang said, such a large enterprise, what the leader does not take the lead can not be. I said, with Mr. Zhang's experience and prestige, identity and status, there should be no one to blame for your behavior. Zhang did not explain too much, still said, ask others to do, they must do, but also do better.

Self-awareness, a word that is easy to say, but very difficult to do. Behind the self-awareness is the persistent pursuit of the goal, is the long-term focus of decades. Especially after all the hardships and achievements, it is rare to still use the word "consciousness" to demand oneself.

The culture of a company is thus evident.

Second, the manufacture of pure, cast brilliant

In Huapeng, the four words "Made in China" are given a new meaning.

In the Huapeng company's brochure on the cover there are six words: the beauty of art life. I understand that although there is an extraordinary distance between industrial products and artworks, and entrepreneurs and artists are engaged in completely different industries. Yet they are naturally linked by a strong quest for beautiful perfection.

When the pursuit of industrial products reaches the realm of the pursuit of beauty, the products will also produce a subtle infiltration of the manufacturer, and when the mentality of the industrial product manufacturer has tended to be that of an artist, he is bound to hope that more people can share his achievements, and thus also accept the culture and art. At this point, the progress of civilization may turn the act of consumption into a conscious artistic act for ordinary consumers.

The company's executive vice president Wang Zhengzhi, handsome and dashing, with a seemingly literary temperament, has served in Huapeng for many years. He said that our company's first-class products are sold domestically, and we want Chinese consumers to use the best goblets.

This is very different from our past will be the best products are exported, the domestic compatriots to enjoy good products often take the export to domestic sales. In Huapeng company, the meaning of "made in China" is first of all for Chinese people to use, under the guidance of this concept, so there is Huapeng company's leading products "stone island" brand, "Frosa "brand high-grade crystal cups, high-grade lead-free crystal glassware, lead-free crystal cups, mechanism once formed wine cups, the first to sell the country, but also exported to South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Russia and other more than 30 countries and regions, and into the Metro, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Goodwill and other international well-known supermarket chains.

What Huapeng people are proud of is that: the sales and market share of the products of the mechanism once-formed tall cups have ranked first in the country for many years; the lead-free crystal cups have been chosen as the cups for state banquets by the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and used in many large foreign affairs activities. Its eight series and hundreds of varieties are used by domestic famous enterprises.

Goblet into China's state banquet table, but also into the Chinese ordinary family, not only because of the gradual popularity of red wine culture in recent years, but also marks a new way of life, civilized, gentle, modest, courteous wine culture gradually become the mainstream of the Chinese table, so there is also Huapeng company goblet that advertising slogan: "light and shadow and temperature of the glowing color ", the light and shadow is a goblet's wonderful posture, but also after the passage of years of the vicissitudes of the traces, the temperature is the red wine and goblet telepathic response, and glow is more like clinking glasses when you hear the crisp and pleasant sound of impact, this scene will be a quiet, stretching, restful mood depicted to the fullest.

In Huapeng company, each workshop is open, invited visitors can observe the production process from all angles, can see its domestic first to introduce European equipment and production technology, these major equipment from the United States, Italy, Germany, France and Belgium, so that the company has become one of the highest level of equipment and equipment and production technology manufacturers in China.

Huapeng adopts the international advanced heavy volume ratio theory, and is the first in China to realize the thin-walled light weight of glass bottle products, and its high-end products are unique in the same industry, while the finished rate of once-formed glassware remains at 80% which is rare in China. Workshop open, high-grade products, leading pass rate, all this comes from the confidence of Huapeng company.

Confidence, is also an easy to say, but very difficult to do the word. Which not only for advanced equipment control ability of confidence, for the quality of front-line staff trust, for the performance of the product in the market grasp, and these self-confidence must come from the confidence of corporate culture, the process has gone beyond the manufacture of ordinary products.

I think of four words: manufacturing purity. In the process of manufacturing purity may create wealth, happiness, honor, happiness, achievement, manufacturing brilliance, of course, in the manufacture of all this, accompanied by - major decisions before the strategy and anxiety, the daily management of a thousand problems, market development when all kinds of problems, technical level after the ability to control, the surrounding relationship maintenance, and so on, the next person can not experience.

When you think about it, the above many manufacturing still cannot explain the deep meaning of "manufacturing purity". I even thought about what kind of relationship Chairman Edward Zhang spent 40 years to build up with Chinese glass products, which seems to be a natural relationship between people and nature, including the relationship with his relatives, the relationship with his colleagues, the relationship with friends, and finally I still landed on his relationship with the world.

Some people under the sky are born for a certain purpose. History has chosen the great changes in China in the past 30 years, history has chosen a large group of Chinese entrepreneurs to accomplish what seemed impossible to outsiders - to build the second largest economy in the world in 30 years, and history has chosen Edward Zhang to spend his life in the glass products industry in China. chose him to focus on one thing for 40 years.

From another perspective, did history choose him, or did he choose an act of history? Or is it a mutual choice? "The medium of this relationship is the daily glass products, and his life is made to be brilliant with glass products, does this understanding contain philosophical meaning?

Third, the voice of China cast the Chinese dream

In recent years, Zhejiang TV's program "The Voice of China" has always had high ratings, and the wonderful singing voice of each singer and the wonderful interaction with the reviewer have attracted a large number of fans, and this program has become the ace of many Chinese TV programs.

November 11, 2014 was another day of revelry for Chinese netizens, with a wave of online shopping spurred by the gimmick of Hanukkah, and following the record sales figures of 2013, this year's figures reached an all-time high, with a commercial website selling over 50 billion yuan in one day.

One is a TV show, one is an online marketing event, there seems to be little connection between the two, while I connect the two.

That day, we entered the workshop of Huapeng, the first thing that attracted me was the 24-hour machine roar of the workshop production line, tall cup blanks in the red kiln, by a mechanical arm constantly rotating stretch, until it becomes a crystal clear tall cup. Standing beside the fast-running production line, I thought, the reality of China's national conditions, China's population base and employment pressure, China's move towards urbanization, manufacturing is an irreplaceable and important role, without China's manufacturing industry there would be no China's thousands of years of history in these last 30 years.

So, no matter how far China's urbanization goes, no matter what miracle China's informatization has created, no matter how amazing the online shopping figures of any commercial shopping site are, no matter which singer has fans in the tens of millions, or in the hundreds of millions, all of these, behind them all stands the Chinese manufacturing industry, and it would be disastrous if China's workshops had no voice anymore.

In a more macro sense, behind almost all the big events in China's relationship with the world in the past 30 years, almost all of them stand the Chinese manufacturing industry, tens of millions of Chinese manufacturing workers, and a large number of entrepreneurs in the Chinese manufacturing industry.

From this perspective, the roar of the workshop of China's manufacturing industry is the most beautiful sound in China, and with this most beautiful sound in China, there is the rapid development of China's economy and the down-to-earth and confident spirit of China.

From a small glass products factory, step by step development to today's branch factories throughout many provinces, Huapeng company various workshops of the roar has not stopped, in China's manufacturing large symphony playing one of the most beautiful movement, to participate in the playing is Huapeng company more than 1,700 employees, behind thousands of families, and the conductor is a called Zhang Huahua has been over 60 years old but still in The conductor is a Chinese entrepreneur named Zhang Dehua who is over 60 years old but still working day and night.

Therefore, I understand that the roar of machines in the workshop of China's manufacturing industry is the most beautiful sound in China, the good sound of China.

In the "Huapeng praise", there is a sentence: "The aspiration is the heaven and earth, the life of the king is the reign." The text explains: its ambition is as broad as heaven and earth, taking all the beauty in the world as its vision and mission. In a few days, Chairman Edward Zhang also spoke such a sentence many times on different occasions: I always want to confess to you how grand my mood is. I carefully guessed the deep flavor meaning of it, an entrepreneur who has experienced hardships, a successful entrepreneur, if he wants to confess, the content of the confession should be extremely rich.

Mr. Zhang said: The meaning of life is to keep changing oneself and growing with the years. A person who has focused on one thing for 40 years cannot reach today's height without extraordinary patience, bravery, wisdom and dedication. 40 years, having dealt with glass products for a lifetime, he knows his own pain and suffering, and can share his joy with the company. The joy is everyone's, the difficulty is your own, no one carries for you, no one understands you, no one sympathizes with you, anyone can stand aside or even leave at this time, but you can not go, that is what you should do, is what you must do, is what you must do well. No discussion!

There are also a few words on the brochure of Huapeng: Huapeng - China's daily glass high grade value of the creator. The happiest value creator, the most persistent product developers, the most perfect quality shaper, the most respected return. The four "most" words, leaving no room for ourselves and no reason for possible failure, are not only the value goals reflected in the company culture, but also the value goals of each and every person in the company.

In a corner of the seaside of Shidao, we came to the home of Edward Zhang, and what impressed me was that the first thing he invited us to see was his flower room, which was a variety of planted bonsai. And all around his residence, he planted various crops. It can be said that this is an entrepreneur who likes planting, and it can also be said that this is an entrepreneur who is willing to deal with the land. Does this imply a trait unique to Chinese entrepreneurs - coming out of the land and, decades later, standing at the forefront of China's manufacturing industry, yet still standing on the land and rooted in the Chinese land.

The cool breeze brings a chill to Shidao in early winter. At Chishan, a corner of Shidao, a bronze statue of the God of Ming sits on a hillside facing west and east. Unlike the eyes of the gods we have seen in temples around the world, where the eyes of the Buddhas or gods are often benevolent with unknowable, mysterious and unpredictable to be appreciated, the Ming God of Chishan sits there with his eyes shining and his firm gaze looking towards the distant sea horizon.

As if a large number of entrepreneurs in the contemporary Chinese manufacturing industry 。。。。。。

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