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On November 1-2, China Daily Glass Association "Industry Development Forum and Symposium for the Second Generation and Young Entrepreneurs" was held in Huapeng Staff Activity Center, Shandong Huapeng Chairman Zhang Dehua delivered a welcome speech at the ceremony, China Light Industry Federation Tao Xiaonian, Vice President, China Daily Glass Mr. Tao Xiaonian, Vice Chairman of China Light Industry Federation, Mr. Meng Lingyan, Chairman of China Daily, Mr. Wu Qiulin, Chairman of China Dairy Association, Mr. Wang Weiping, Editor-in-Chief of China Consumer Daily, etc. attended the meeting and spoke at the meeting, and more than 40 second generation entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and industry colleagues from China daily glass industry attended the meeting.

In his speech, Mr. Edward Zhang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his warm welcome to all the leaders, experts and young entrepreneurs who attended the conference, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the China Daily Glass Association for organizing the conference. He also pointed out that under the influence of the current global economic downturn and sluggish consumption, the competition in the daily glass industry is relatively fierce and the cost continues to rise, and the risks and challenges faced by enterprises are extremely difficult and complex, so how to achieve the transformation and innovative development of enterprises is not only a problem faced by a certain enterprise and a topic faced by the industry, but also an inevitable focus of the whole society to achieve sustainable development. Youth is the future and hope of the industry, and it is the common responsibility of the industry to realize the transformation and innovation of the industry. Chairman Zhang briefly talked about three expectations around the growth and success of young entrepreneurs: First, they should be ambitious and be the practitioners of entrepreneurship; second, they should be innovative and be the pioneers of transformation and development. Third, both internal and external training, the courage to be the leader of the development of the industry, the young entrepreneurs of the daily glass industry to "undertake the historical mission, create a new era", to achieve the dream of a strong country in the daily glass industry, to make the due contribution of each person, put forward ardent hope.

Meng Lingyan, Chairman of China Daily Glass Association, Wu Qiulin, Chairman of China Dairy Association, and Wang Weiping, Chief Editor of China Consumer Daily, spoke at the meeting on the theme of "Taking up the historical mission and creating a new era", respectively, and said that young entrepreneurs should inherit the hard-working entrepreneurial spirit of their fathers, be brave in pioneering and innovation, remember their social responsibility, and strive to build a long-lasting enterprise and a new era. They expressed their high hopes for young entrepreneurs to inherit the hard-working spirit of their fathers, to be pioneering and innovative, to bear in mind their social responsibilities, to build evergreen enterprises and to realize their personal, corporate and industry dreams as soon as possible.

In the afternoon lecture and exchange session, the participants listened to the theme report of "Undertake Mission, Pioneer" given by Li Yong, Senior Vice President of North University Consulting Management Company. They talked about their own views and ideas on how to transform and upgrade and innovate and develop.

After the meeting, the participants collectively visited the company's factory appearance, production workshops, sample exhibition room. Shandong Huapeng Glass Company's beautiful factory appearance, orderly production, standardized site management, high-end production equipment and excellent product quality, won the high evaluation of the majority of participants, leaving a good, deep impression on everyone.


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