The company passed the 3A level standardization good behavior enterprise acceptance

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On November 16, Weihai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau organized a group of experts to confirm the AAA standardization good behavior work of Huapeng Glass Company, according to the standardization good behavior assessment rules, the group of experts after scoring article by article, our company finally scored 391 points for basic items, 58 points for additional items, with a total score of 449 points, reaching the AAA standardization good behavior enterprise requirements, successfully Through the 3A grade standardization good behavior enterprise acceptance.

The expert group through the inspection of the production site, listen to the person in charge of the report, check the enterprise standard system materials and related records, and standardization of personnel communication, the Huapeng glass company standardization work for a comprehensive assessment, the Huapeng company standardization work to create a fully affirmed. Affirmation aspects include: 1, the enterprise attaches great importance to standardization work, sound organizational structure, the development of work planning, regular training, to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise standard system. 2, effective operation and continuous improvement of the standard system. Through continuous improvement, perfected the technical standards as the core, management standards as the support, work standards to ensure the interoperability of the enterprise standard system, improve the efficiency of management. 3, the implementation of standardization is effective. Through the implementation of standardization work, it has played a role in standardizing management and ensuring product quality, actively participating in the revision of national and industry standards, and seizing the right to speak in the industry, and has won the "2012-2013 National Light Industry Advanced Enterprise of Excellent Performance", "AAA Grade Enterprise Credit Evaluation Enterprise", "China Glass Tall Cup Ace Enterprise" and many other honorary titles.

The expert group also put forward valuable suggestions and advice for Huapeng to further improve the enterprise standard system according to the requirements of the "Enterprise Standard System" series of standards, strengthen the effectiveness of implementation; actively participate in national standardization activities, fully use the PDCA management model, and continuously seek continuous improvement of the company's standard system to promote the rapid development of enterprises.


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