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In the afternoon of November 20, the company organized all cadres above the middle level to watch the documentary "Teacher" written by Wang Weiping, editor-in-chief of Consumer Daily, together in the large conference room on the sixth floor, which aroused strong reactions and resonance among the attending cadres. Every character in the camera, every scene, every event off-camera, every story behind the event, all highlight the teacher group their true colors and teacher immortality, the performance of professional teachers loyalty, kindness, boldness and noble ......, so that each cadres above the middle level deeply appreciate the dedication, as a cadre should responsibility and commitment.

The documentary begins with a narrative about the teachers who died saving students in the Wenchuan earthquake, and reaches into the group of millions of rural teachers in remote areas of China, recounting the daily teaching life and inner feelings of several ordinary teachers among them, especially those who have been working in rural and mountainous areas for a long time, who originally worked in a very difficult environment day after day, year after year, faithfully and quietly. The film truly reflects the situation of rural teachers who are idealistic, loyal to their duties, rich in sacrifice and trying to keep pace with the mainstream, who live in the same era and the same country and feel deeply ordinary, dedication, responsibility and love.

After watching the film, the majority of cadres generally feel baptized by the spirit, have said that they will cherish today's work environment, positions and treatment, based on the post, love and dedication, solid work, and effectively take up the responsibility and responsibility as a cadre should.


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