Shandong Huapeng glass highball shines in light industry consumer goods exhibition

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Ltd. set up four standard booths at the exhibition, focusing on the "Stone Island" series of tall glasses and "Frosa Ltd. set up four standard booths at the exhibition, focusing on the new products of "Shijima" series tall glasses and "Frosa" series stretched glass tall glasses, also including "2014 China mechanism crystal tall glasses emperor cup" and other series of products, comprehensively displaying the company's product style, corporate image and strong strength, further improving the visibility and reputation of the enterprise.

The company's booth is located in the center area of the 1A exhibition hall, with a superior location. The hardcover booth continues the previous design style of red and black as the main color, and the booth design adds the company's stock abbreviation and stock code, with the east wind of the company's listing, the company's booth is particularly eye-catching, and visitors are incessant. The morale of the exhibitors was greatly boosted.

During the exhibition, the staff of the company warmly received every visitor to the booth, took the initiative to promote, backed up the customer information in time, exchanged business cards, registered information, and issued nearly 1,000 copies of "Shishima" and "Frosa" brand brochures to facilitate future business contacts and promote sales. This has laid a solid foundation for future business contacts and sales growth.

China International Light Industry Consumer Goods Exhibition is a high-end consumer goods exhibition approved by the Ministry of Commerce, organized by China Light Industry Federation and co-organized by nearly 20 industry associations, which brings together brand enterprises from nearly 20 industries in the light industry and many high-quality professional buyers, integrating comprehensive and professional, and gradually taking the leading position among similar exhibitions.


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