Chairman Edward Zhang became the second executive chairman of the seventh council of the association

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On July 11, 2015, the 2015 General Meeting of the Chairman of China Daily Glass Association and the seventh executive council were held simultaneously in Xi'an City. The president and vice presidents of the association and the executive directors attended the meeting, and the chairman of Shandong Huapeng, Zhang Dehua, was nominated as the second executive chairman of the seventh council.

  On July 13, Association Chairman Meng Lingyan exchanged views with the new Executive Chairman, Zhang Dehua, Chairman of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co.

  Meng first congratulated Chairman Zhang Dehua as the second executive chairman of the Association's seventh Council, the main job of the executive chairman is to work with the Association's chairman to unite the vice chairman of the industry to do a good job as a server, researcher, propagandist, coordinator, guide; according to the Council's resolution, firm confidence, determine a good strategy, grasp the direction, correct the alignment, adjust the pace, as always The Executive Chairman should not only work hard to do his job, but also work hard to make the best use of his time. The executive chairman should not only strive to do a good job in the work of this enterprise, but also have an excellent job in the industry and the work of the association, to play a model leading effect. This is an honor, but also a responsibility.

  Chairman Edward Zhang thanked the first executive chairman Li Shenhua for his recommendation and everyone's trust in himself, said he would do his best and contribute as much as he could, and implored everyone to support and help more and do a good job in the industry and the association together. Through in-depth communication between the two sides, a series of consensus was reached.


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