Shandong Huapeng to set up Shanghai Chengwin Network Technology Co.

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January 22, Shandong Huapeng in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the designated information disclosure media released an announcement, the company intends to monetary funds, capital of RMB 5 million to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary: Shanghai Chengwin Network Technology Co. The company's business scope includes: network technology (shall not engage in technology intermediary), engaged in computer technology, information technology in the field of technology development, technology transfer, technology consulting, technology services, business management consulting (except brokerage), corporate image planning, public relations services planning, cultural and artistic exchanges and planning, computers, software and auxiliary equipment, communications equipment, handicrafts, machinery and equipment, electronic products, electronic products, Metal products, daily glass products; engaged in the business of import and export of goods and technology. (The scope of business subject to the approval of the relevant departments, the final scope of business to the business registration shall prevail)

Shandong Huapeng investment in the establishment of Shanghai Chengwin Network Technology Co., Ltd. is intended to expand the company's exploration and innovation in new business models, is to better integrate online and offline resources, to further expand the e-commerce business, to carry out technology development, technology transfer, technology consulting, technology services in the field of network technology products, in line with the national "Internet +" innovation model, to further strengthen the company "innovation model, to further strengthen the company's core strengths, to achieve the goal of becoming bigger and stronger, to enhance the company's comprehensive strength, and to seek new profit growth points.


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