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On February 15, Wang Xuewen, vice mayor of Weihai City and his party visited the company to guide the activities. Jiang Shan, Liu Changsong, Wang Gang, Zou Dexin, city leaders and the heads of major departments such as the Municipal Finance Bureau, Development and Reform Bureau, Economic and Information Bureau, Land Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau participated in the activities, and Zhang Dehua, chairman of the company, accompanied the visit to the high-grade ware expansion project and reported on the current production situation, the renewal situation and the development of industrial tourism planning.

At present, the first and second phase of the company's ware expansion project has been fully put into production, the third phase of the project, automated logistics warehouse and other construction has been fully started in the year before, fully completed can produce large containers of glass products, such as large vases, wine awakening ware, bowls and other kinds of ware miscellaneous pieces, will greatly enrich the product structure and variety, automated logistics warehouse to introduce international advanced equipment, the degree of automation and facilities equipped with international first-class level will The introduction of international advanced equipment in the automated logistics warehouse and the international first-class automation degree and facilities will speed up the pace of the company's machine replacement and promote the company's automated operation to a new level. At the same time, the company has incorporated industrial tourism into the overall project planning, including product display center, green design, water system construction and other projects, the perfect combination of production and tourism, to create a real "garden-type enterprise".

After the visit, the city leaders expressed their appreciation for the company's vigorous efforts to upgrade equipment, promote technological innovation, product quality and efficiency and other series of measures, and gave high praise to the company to build a "garden-type enterprise" and will give strong support, hoping that the company to play an advantage, make further efforts, the new year to a higher level, for the development of enterprises, for We hope that the company will make new and greater contributions to the development of the enterprise and the construction of the hometown.


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