Anqing City leaders came to Shandong Huapeng to inspect

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On the morning of July 14, Wei Qingyi, director of the Economic and Information Committee of Anqing City, Anhui Province, and Wang Aiwu, secretary of the Daguan District Party Committee, visited Shandong Huapeng and were warmly received by Chairman of Shandong Huapeng Zhang Dehua, visiting the factory appearance and production workshop. Afterwards, the two sides had a candid and friendly discussion in the small meeting room on the fifth floor of the company.
Chairman Zhang Dehua expressed warm welcome to Director Wei and his delegation, and expressed sincere gratitude to Anqing City, Daguan District and various departments for their strong support for enterprise development. At the same time, they gave a brief introduction on the expansion and development of the enterprise and the next development plan. It will give full play to its advantages and continue to make the company bigger and stronger, and make due contributions to enterprise efficiency and local economic development.
Director Wei gave high praise to Shandong Huapeng's advanced production equipment, exquisite craftsmanship and clean production workshops. He fully affirmed the high starting point technology transformation and the promotion of equipment upgrades carried out by Anqing Company in recent years, and said that Anqing City and Daguan District will continue to provide quality services for Anqing Huapeng Co., Ltd., especially in road construction, direct energy supply, policy support, etc., to provide strong protection for the rapid development of enterprises and create an excellent environment.


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