Fighting for high temperatures and fighting for heat

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July is like a fire, high temperature and heat test the vast number of cadres and workers in the production line. Recently, the author went deep into the workshop and really experienced the professional ethics of the frontline cadres and workers who are not afraid of high temperature, sticking to their posts, and the enterprising spirit of hard work and hard work. I can't help but awe.
On July 25th, the author came to the bottle making workshop. When I walked to the second floor, I felt that the heat wave of the workshop was coming. The image said that the whole workshop was like a stuffy "big steamer." Next to the product conveyor belt like the dragon, I saw the packaging and inspection posts everywhere. It was a sweaty face. Although they all braved the temperature of “washing the sauna”, it never affected the enthusiasm of everyone. Seeing that they are acting arbitrarily, they are cautious in their actions, and they show their will, perseverance and the pledge of “nothing in product quality” with practical actions.
When I walked to the line machine, I noticed that the temperature was getting higher and higher, and the sweat gradually emerged from my forehead and back. “The position of the machine is the highest temperature in the entire workshop,” a squad leader told the author. When the author tries to get close to the row machine, the hot air is faint and even suffocating! In this environment, the heroic operator and the roar of the machine and every coworker The body is like washed clothes, blending together, they still walked and observed in front of the ranks in the fixed movements and rhythms of the past, and carefully examined the products that were “walked out” from the bottle making machine.
On the morning of the same day, a workshop line 4 was changed. In order to ensure a fast and smooth transition, the trainers of the night shift did not get off work on time. They and the white workers joined the battle for change. I saw that according to the division of responsibilities, replacement, installation of molds, cleaning machines, debugging equipment, the scene of a busy, busy scene, they go to a place to think, go to a place, unite and fight the high temperature, the intense summer The scene is moving.
In the utensils workshop, the majority of cadres and workers also struggled with high temperatures. Almost every operator's clothes were soaked and their faces were red. Listening to the person in charge of production, the temperature around the equipment is as high as 40 degrees. This kind of high temperature is not only unbearable, but even the equipment is alarmed due to high temperature. Faced with the challenges brought by high temperature, the production of utensils to promote the backbone of the model to take the lead role, always adhere to the post, the workshop director also took the initiative to take the work to ensure the normal production. In the continuous high temperature struggle, some workers experienced dizziness and exhaustion. However, the majority of cadres and workers in the workshop were not intimidated by temporary difficulties, but instead invested in high temperatures and fighting heat with a more inspiring spirit and high morale. Win high production, create efficient work!
The sun is hot, the sun is like a fire, and there are many front-line employees who are sticking to their posts, working hard, and doing their best for the normal production of the company. When we admire them, they are naturally and dull. They only say that this is their job responsibilities, and they have to live through this period every year. Let us pay tribute and praise to these dear and respectable employees who have forgotten their lives in their respective positions! Let us heartily say: Hard work!


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