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On the afternoon of July 21, Shandong Huapeng introduced the SAP system project start-up meeting in the third floor lobby of the staff activity center. General Manager Wang Zheng hosted the kick-off meeting. Vice Chairman Zhang Gang attended the meeting and made an important speech. IBM Global Business Consulting Service Department The consulting director introduced the overall situation of the project. Some of the company's directors, senior management personnel and more than 30 business leaders who participated in the project participated in the kick-off meeting.
In his speech, Vice Chairman Zhang Gang pointed out that in order to continuously improve the company's ERP management level and standardize and optimize business processes, the company will fully introduce advanced SAP systems to comprehensively improve the company's management level and management efficiency and promote the company. Standardized and efficient operation of various businesses, thus laying a solid foundation for the company in the fierce market competition.
SAP is both the company name and the software name of its product-enterprise management solution. It is the world's largest provider of enterprise management software and collaborative business solutions. It was founded in 1972 in Germany and has a history of more than 40 years. . Today, SAP has become the number one enterprise management software in the world. More than 170,000 users in more than 120 countries are using the software, and have achieved profitable operations, continuous reform and continuous development. There are 85 in the world's top 500. More than % of companies are benefiting from this management plan. Our peer companies have been using the system for 3 years, and the operation is very good and shocking. We have the confidence and determination to make this project a success!
In order to ensure the smooth progress of the system, according to the company's deployment arrangements, the company decided to hire a team of experienced IBM management consulting experts to provide counseling and consulting, and to develop a practical implementation plan. More than 30 business backbones selected by the company and IBM will serve as key users and participate in the promotion of the project full-time. The purpose is to bring more scientific and efficient management methods into the company, so that SAP's advanced management concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Fully integrated into the corporate culture.
Vice Chairman Zhang Gang emphasized that the introduction of the SAP system is a strategic need for the company's continuous reform and innovation, and is also an inevitable requirement for the company to achieve sustainable development. As a system management project of great significance, time is tight and the task is arduous. Today's meeting is not only the launching conference of SAP system construction, but also a mobilization meeting. I hope that all departments will unify their thinking, attach great importance to, closely cooperate with and solidly advance in accordance with the company's deployment requirements.
Vice Chairman Zhang Gang firmly believes that under the strong leadership of the company and with the full support of all departments, with the careful guidance of the project team experts, the hard work of the project team members and the staff, we will be able to overcome all difficulties, high quality and efficiency. Complete the project construction tasks and bring the company's management level to a new level.
General Manager Wang Zheng introduced the ERP project implementation consulting company IBM and six consultants. IBM is the world's largest consulting company and the largest consulting firm in the domestic SAP consulting industry. It is also the only consulting company in the country that has successfully implemented the glass products industry.
Key user representatives spoke enthusiastically and expressed their strong desire to correct their understanding, adapt to the needs of corporate reform and innovation, actively participate in the project, study hard, and ensure the success of the project.


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