Strictly implement corporate responsibility to do a good job of prevention and control of the epidemic

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On January 25, the first day of the first lunar month, Chairman Xu Jinxin hosted an emergency meeting on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia. The meeting required that the epidemic prevention and control work should stand on a political height, strengthen the responsibility to take charge, strengthen the risk consciousness of "one failure, one failure", establish the emergency prevention and control system, strictly implement the prevention and control emergency disposal measures, mobilize all people, standardize management, scientific prevention and control, overcome paralysis and laxity, persevere, and do their duty In order to effectively protect the health and life safety of enterprise workers.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, General Manager Zhang Gang has personally sat in command of the implementation of the epidemic prevention work, requiring that all personnel entering the factory must take temperature measurements, and those with abnormal body temperatures are immediately isolated and dealt with urgently. The director of each workshop measured and recorded the temperature of each shift one by one. To effectively enhance the sensitivity and judgment in dealing with the epidemic, disinfect the canteen dining places no less than twice a day and the dormitories, bathrooms and other dense areas no less than once a day. At the same time the extraordinary period in the absence of lifting the news of the epidemic release before the supplier, business customers to decline visits to the factory. The business should be handled by telephone, fax, WeChat, email and other communication methods. The supply department should do a good job of stocking materials in the plant. Strictly implement joint prevention and control measures, resolutely grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic, and win the hard battle of prevention and control of the epidemic with the state of "preparedness".
Recently, the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in various regions of China, in order to effectively combat the epidemic, cut off the transmission of the virus, and ensure the safety and health of the staff, our company has taken many measures and taken strict precautions, and also got the concern and support from the local government. Work implementation. Firstly, we researched our company and inspected the safety production status of key positions such as gas generator and ware workshop.
Deputy Secretary Wang Dayong reported the work of the company in epidemic control, mainly including temperature measurement, disinfection, management of foreign personnel, dining control, and safety production.
Vice Mayor Wang Gang affirmed the safety production and epidemic prevention work of the company and also pointed out the shortcomings of the company's on-site safety management work, asking the company to conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility of safety production and implement the self-investigation and rectification of hidden dangers. The company should start the emergency plan of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the preventive measures, focus on the prevention and control of production sites, staff canteen and other key parts, fully grasp the health situation of employees, and put the safety of employees' lives and health in the first place.
 On February 2, Captain Pu Yugang of Weihai Labor Security Supervision Detachment came to the company to inspect the epidemic prevention and control situation. Administrative Service Department Chang Zhipeng and Human Resources Department Zang Wenyan reported to the inspection team in detail about the deployment of epidemic prevention and control of the company. Through the on-site inspection of the restaurant, dormitory building and workshop production, the company gave praise to the epidemic prevention and control work and hoped that the company would continue to increase the prevention and control efforts to ensure the safety of every employee.
On February 3, Sui Yanqiu, vice mayor of Rongcheng Municipal Government, came to our company to visit the epidemic prevention and control situation. It was emphasized that during the epidemic prevention and control period, we should try to stay at home, reduce the activities outside, and reduce the activities in crowded public places when non-life work is necessary. To take the initiative to do health monitoring of employees, if there is a fever and other suspicious symptoms, should wear a mask throughout the process, and promptly go to the nearest public medical institutions in the jurisdiction of the fever clinic for medical treatment. General Manager Zhang Gang reported in detail the deployment of epidemic prevention in the company. The current epidemic situation is serious and complicated, and is in a critical period of prevention and control. In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, our company actively responds to the leadership of the municipal party committee and government, unites and strives to win the epidemic prevention and control blockade.
Let's join hands, unite our hearts and minds, and believe that under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, we will win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!


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