The company takes multiple measures to prioritize the production of emergency prevention and control materials to ensure completion

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On February 12, Anqing Huapeng Changjiang Glass Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd, received a notice from a customer that it needed to send one million 500ml reagent bottles to Hunan Pharmaceutical Factory to carry orders for 75% alcohol disinfectant products produced by the enterprise, which are widely used for environmental disinfection in various places. The demand for disinfectant solution and other items during epidemic prevention and control is large, so this batch of materials is crucial to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control. The head office attached great importance to the order and arranged for Anqing to confirm the inventory, hold a production and sales scheduling meeting and organize production to ensure the timely supply of drug packaging during the epidemic.
Now it is the critical period of the epidemic outbreak, on the one hand, transportation is difficult, many logistics companies stop transportation, forming the phenomenon of production raw materials "can't get in" and products "can't get out". Zhu Jinwei, the general manager of Anqing Company, actively coordinated with government departments by telephone and cooperated with pharmaceutical factories to apply for permits to ensure smooth transportation during the epidemic. On the other hand, affected by the epidemic, migrant workers had difficulties in returning, which led to the tight labor situation in the enterprise. General Manager Zhu held an emergency video conference to mobilize all productive forces, and all party members and cadres volunteered to take up the heavy responsibility and consciously gave up their vacation time to work overtime for production. Due to the shortage of raw material quartz sand, we temporarily borrowed materials from "brother" enterprises, and adjusted the original order products with high added value after the festival to ensure the production of reagent bottles with high quality and quantity.
For this batch of products, the head office supervised the safety production, urged to carry out comprehensive hidden danger investigation, ensured the normal operation of production facilities and equipment, and urged to do a good job in disinfection of workplaces and personal hygiene protection of workers to ensure the safety of workers and production during the special period. At present, two trucks of reagent bottles produced by the company have arrived at the pharmaceutical plant smoothly. We believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, the difficulties are only temporary, Shandong Huapeng and subordinate enterprises will continue to do their best to meet the needs of epidemic areas, to ensure the timely supply of pharmaceutical packaging, for the people in the epidemic areas to make our Huapeng people a due contribution.


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