Shandong Huapeng "brilliant ten years, the dream of today" cultural performance was held

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Brilliant ten years, the dream of today

Shandong Huapeng celebrated the success of the listing and the New Year cultural performance was held

In the afternoon of January 22, the company's "brilliant ten years - dream of today" to celebrate the success of the listing of the cultural performance was then held in the Huapeng Auditorium, the company's chairman Zhang Dehua with all members of the leadership team and participate in the summary of the commendation of more than 600 cadres and workers together with the scene to watch the wonderful, exciting, exciting audiovisual feast, The climax of the audiovisual feast.

The cultural performance used high-definition LED electronic screen, the red screen was peaceful and festive, creating a high-end, atmospheric and festive atmosphere. The graceful, youthful and dynamic opening dance "Red Hot Greater China" opened the show; the song "Good Day" sang out the joy of all Huapeng people to achieve successful listing; the Jing Hu solo "Spring" heralded the new development of Shandong Huapeng company has entered the spring; Shandong Huapeng "Big Star", Rongcheng City Big Star Top Ten The first prize winner of "Do Lai Mi" Cup Singer Competition in Rongcheng City, Yao Aiju's song "Spring Ballet" was astonishing, bringing the audience joy, elegance and beautiful art enjoyment, fully demonstrating a high level of flower singing; Shandong Huapeng another strong singer Wang Wei's song "Waiting", the atmosphere is majestic, breath-taking, interpretation Huapeng people "ten years to sharpen a sword" of the persistent listing of the pursuit of the dream journey, caused the unanimous resonance of the audience. Magic "Fantasy" wonderful, incredible, let everyone in the blink of an eye moment witnessed the moment of miracle; song "Congratulations Fat Choi", two-person performance, modern dance "Leopard", saxophone passionate performance, large song and dance "build a Chinese dream" ......, the program is wonderful, climax, the whole auditorium is always full of laughter, overflowing with warmth and peace. The whole auditorium was full of laughter and warmth and peace.

The whole cultural performance to "brilliant ten years - dream today" as the theme, expressing the praise of the past fruitful results and vision of a better future, fully demonstrated the Huapeng people under the leadership of Chairman Edward Zhang, unity and progress, pioneering and innovative, upward-looking spirit, strongly expressed the Huapeng people Listing as an opportunity to stand at a new starting point, achieve new development, and create new glories of strong determination and common dream!


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