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The 26th Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo was held on March 28th in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition gathered nearly a thousand major hotel supplies buyers and hotel supplies suppliers at home and abroad and tens of thousands of buyers to participate in the exhibition, Shandong Huapeng Glass Co.

According to the past practice, the company in the selection of booths, layout exhibition hall is still unique, whether from the location, or color matching are to give people a visual feast. The company displayed its previous fist products, and also focused on the launch of the 37 series of new crystal cups, customers responded strongly, and gave great affirmation to the product's cup shape and price. The highlight of this exhibition is the live tasting session with the theme of "When Wine Meets Frosa". We invited the champion sommelier of the China Sommelier Competition as the keynote speaker, and invited the New Zealand Trade Promotion Council to sponsor all the wines for the tasting. The purpose of the event was to invite customers to experience the perfect wine tasting experience and the cultural connotation of the "Frosa" products by inviting them to match the wine with the "Frosa" wine glasses.

In view of the special nature of this year's exhibition, the company's staff was even more strict with itself. The pavilion environment was kept spotless, and the design of the pavilion was a perfect addition. Sales staff service etiquette, professional knowledge in the exhibition before the full preparation, the exhibition day all the staff always pay attention to their own image, stand up to welcome guests, spirited, good mental outlook not only reflects the company's vitality and vigorous vitality, more to show customers the good quality of Huapeng staff, to enhance customer confidence in cooperation.

The exhibition not only exhibits the latest 37 series of new crystal cups, but also in the booth layout, service facilities, display methods continue to push the new, so that the majority of visitors, many media once again appreciate the hotel supplies industry to continue to improve, break through the imagination of the endless charm of the product. During the exhibition, the staff issued new product folders and new product sample cups to customers, for which a number of new product gift bags were specially made for packing and giving to customers. In the face of customers visiting the booth, the staff warmly received them and took the initiative to explain the products and popularize knowledge until the end of the exhibition.

The four-day exhibition ended successfully, and the company not only gained orders, trust, understanding and friendship, but more importantly, confidence and greater motivation to move forward!


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