All departments of the company work together to prevent heatstroke and cool down

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Since July, continuous high temperature weather has brought severe challenges and tests to workshop production. The company always cares about the physical and mental health and safety of front-line employees, and regards caring employees as an important measure to mobilize enthusiasm, and continuously deploys and arranges heatstroke prevention and cooling. Departments, trade unions, production workshops and other departments have taken active actions and actively adopted various measures to prevent heatstroke and cool down. They have worked hard to create good production conditions and working environment for frontline employees, and to send cool and caring to frontline employees in a timely manner.
According to the company's deployment, the General Affairs Department has increased logistics support and service in July. Every day, special personnel are arranged to send mung bean brown sugar water and hot tea to the first-line workers in the workshop twice in the morning and afternoon to ensure sufficient drinking water for frontline workers. On this basis, we will distribute cold drinks such as popsicles to the first-line workers in the workshop every day from 10:30:00:00:00 am and 1:30-2:00 pm, giving the workshop workers a rare cool.
In order to prevent accidents such as high temperature heatstroke, burns and cuts, the company's trade unions have purchased more than ten kinds of medicines for the frontline workers in the workshop in a timely manner, including Huoxiang Zhengqishui, scalding cream, norfloxacin capsules, Yunnan Baiyao. Band-aid, wind oil, iodophor, etc., have been distributed to the hands of the workshop directors for emergency use, reflecting the care of the company's trade unions.
In the face of high temperature challenges, as the main workshop has increased the heatstroke prevention and cooling efforts, further improved the ventilation and cooling facilities, and continuously increased the prevention and control of employees' labor protection and heatstroke prevention and cooling work, taking the safe operation of employees and the safe operation of equipment as the current The most important thing in production is to closely combine the heatstroke prevention and cooling work with safety production, educate employees to develop good work and living habits, stay up late, do not fatigue, get on the job, do not bring bad emotions to work, strictly follow the rules, and put an end to it. Violation of the rules to ensure safe production and summer in summer.


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