Weihai Municipal Party Secretary and his party visited our company to investigate the production work during the epidemic

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In the afternoon of February 20, Wang Luming, secretary of Weihai Municipal Committee, and Bao Xi'an, secretary of Rongcheng Municipal Committee, visited our company for research. Accompanied by Xu Jinxin, chairman of the company, Wang Luming carefully checked the production process of the company, understood the impact of the epidemic on the enterprise, and urged the enterprise to both prevent and control in place and produce at full speed, grasp technological innovation and product development, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading.
Life is more important than Mount Tai, the epidemic is an order, prevention and control is responsibility. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, under the leadership of Xu Jinxin, the chairman of the company, the whole company was united and united, and did its best to guarantee the production tasks, giving full play to the social responsibility of the enterprise in the work of epidemic prevention and control.


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