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  On the morning of November 7,Weihai City Federation of Trade Unions and the Rongcheng City Federation of Trade Unions, Li and his party conducted a field trip to the innovative studios of Liu Zhiyuan, Li Minghua, Lu Leigang and Zhao Shoujian. The researchers carefully listened to the relevant work. The responsible person gave a detailed introduction to the innovation studio and a live technical demonstration of the innovations of the studio leader. Subsequently, the members of the acceptance team examined the basic situation of the innovation studio, the software and hardware, the short-term and medium-term planning goals, and fully affirmed the creation of each innovation studio.
Our company closely follows the relevant requirements of Weihai City Federation of Trade Unions to carry out innovative studios, deepen the creation of innovative studios, continuously cultivate new kinetic energy, accelerate the construction of “three-type” workforce, promote socialist labor competition, and let everything want innovation and energy. Innovative employees have the opportunity and stage to unite and mobilize the broad masses of employees to turn “big business from entrepreneurship and innovation” into practical action, in order to create a new situation of breakthrough development. Up to now, our company has produced more than 100 innovations, and has made remarkable achievements in technological innovation, system optimization, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and repair and waste. The achievements in technological innovation and energy conservation have been outstanding, and the application of these results has achieved good results. Economic benefits. Preliminary estimates, the innovation studio participation and responsible research and technical research and other achievements have created economic benefits of tens of millions of yuan.


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