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According to Article 55 of the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, key emission units shall truthfully disclose to the society the names of their major pollutants, emission methods, emission concentrations and totals, excessive emissions, and the construction and operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, and accept social supervision. The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Measures for Environmental Information Disclosure by Enterprises and Institutions" (Ministry Order [2014] No. 31 document), which requires that enterprises and institutions should disclose their environmental information in a timely and truthful manner in accordance with the principle of combining mandatory disclosure and voluntary disclosure.
Basic Information Unit name Shandong Huapeng Glass Co. Organization code


Production Address No.468, Longyun Road, Shidao, Rongcheng City Legal representative (person in charge) Xu Jinxin
Contact person Song Wei Contact information


The main content, products and scale of production and management services Production and sales of daily-use glass products and import and export business within the scope of the approved certificate of import and export rights; carry out related technical consultation and technical services. (Projects subject to approval according to law, can only start business activities after approval by relevant departments). The annual production scale is 120,000 tons of daily-use glass bottles and jars and glassware.
Discharge information Implementation standard Building materials industry air pollutant emission standard DB37/2373-2018 Table 2 "Glass"
Emission method Organized emissions
Number and distribution of emission outlets Exhaust emission port number: FQ-26062, FQ-26063, the production exhaust emission pipe is located in the west of the workshop
Name of main pollutants and characteristic pollutants

Exhaust gas

Particulate matter mg/m3

Exhaust gas

Sulfur dioxide mg/m3

Exhaust gas

Nitrogen oxide mg/m3



Standard requirements






Online monitoring Yes Yes Yes



Exceeding the standard None None None



Total approved emissions


89.6 t/a

11.2 t/a



Construction and operation of anti-pollution facilities The company's production wastewater is treated in the plant and then reused, no external discharge; domestic wastewater is pretreated and discharged into Shidao sewage treatment plant; coal-fired gas glass kiln exhaust gas is installed with dedusting and denitrification facilities, using high-temperature desulfurization, pulse bag dedusting, low-temperature SCR denitrification process. The company has established perfect operating procedures for waste gas operation, equipped with dedicated personnel to maintain and prevent pollution control facilities operate normally.
Environmental impact assessment of construction projects and other administrative permits for environmental protection Shandong Huapeng relocation of the former factory site is located in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, Shidao Town, Huanghai Road 106, was built in 1969, before the relocation of the project in December 20, 1999 through the "a control of double standards" deadline for acceptance, Certificate No.: Weihuan limit (1999) 216; Shandong Huapeng in 2004 completed In 2004, Shandong Huapeng completed the "Environmental Impact Report Form for the Relocation and Expansion of Daily-use Glass Products Production Project", and on October 16, 2004, it obtained the environmental assessment approval from Rongcheng Environmental Protection Bureau, and on March 28, 2008, it obtained the acceptance approval from Rongcheng Environmental Protection Bureau (Rongcheng Environmental Protection Bureau [2008] No. 016); Shandong Huapeng completed the "Report Form for the Heavy Oil Burning Glass Furnace Technical Transformation Project" in March 2009, and on May 25, 2009, it obtained the approval from Rongcheng Environmental Protection Bureau. May 25, 2009 to obtain the Rongcheng City Environmental Protection Bureau of the environmental assessment approval (Rong environmental audit report form [2009] No. 43), March 28, 2010 to obtain the Rongcheng City Environmental Protection Bureau of acceptance approval (Rong environmental inspection [2010] No. 7); Shandong Huapeng in November 2008 to complete the "high-grade glass packaging ware technology transformation project environmental assessment report form", November 19, 2008 to obtain the original Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau on November 19, 2008 to obtain the original environmental assessment approval (Luhuan Report Form [2008] No. 185), on May 30, 2011 to obtain the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Department acceptance approval (Luhuan Inspection [2011] No. 43); Shandong Huapeng in April 18, 2011 to obtain the Weihai City Environmental Protection Bureau "high-grade glassware production line technology reform project" (Weihuan Audit Form [2011] 0403) of the environmental assessment Approval document, passed the environmental protection acceptance in December 2018; Shandong Huapeng obtained the environmental assessment approval document of Rongcheng City Environmental Protection Bureau "Introduction of High-grade Glassware Production Line Construction Project" (Rong Huan Auditing Form [2011] 0075) on August 29, 2011, passed the environmental protection to acceptance in December 2018. Shandong Huapeng on June 14, 2016 obtained the Rongcheng Environmental Protection Bureau Shidao Branch "kiln flue gas treatment upgrade and transformation project" (Rong Shi Audit Report Form [2016] No. 037) environmental assessment approval, December 2018 through the environmental protection acceptance; Shandong Huapeng on December 25, 2018 obtained the Rongcheng Environmental Protection Bureau Shidao Branch "the introduction of high-end crystal glassware production line construction project" (Rong Shi Audit Report Form [2018] No. Report Form [2018] No. 055 Environmental Assessment Approval.
Emergency response plan for sudden environmental events Company environmental pollution accident emergency plan record number: 371082-2019-001-L
Other environmental information that needs to be disclosed The company's disorganized emissions of particulate matter concentrations of GB 37/2373-218 "building materials industry air pollutant emission standards" Table 3, the plant boundary noise implementation GB 12348-2008 "industrial enterprise plant boundary environmental noise emission standards" Category 3 standards, domestic sewage discharge implementation GB/T 31962-2015 "sewage discharge into urban sewerage water quality standards" Table 1B, the test are up to standard; generated slag and waste packaging are comprehensive use and sold to recycling companies for recycling, the generation of hazardous waste to centralized collection, unified entrusted to the disposal of qualified units.



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